Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Websites for Modest Swimwear... And My Rant About Bikinis

Okay. So here's the deal. I hate bikinis... with a passion. On me or on anyone else. Whether they be string bikinis, triangle bikinis, athletic bikinis, vintage style bikinis... I hate them. I'm sorry if I'm sounding rather grumpy/angry/annoyed, but I'm tired of walking into a store, seeing dozens of different skimpy little bikinis, and not one modest swimsuit in sight. It makes me sick. The only place you can find a one piece or even a tankini these days is in the baby clothes department. And I think I'm a little too big to fit into one of those :P

There. I'm done ranting now I promise! Haha! With all that being said though, I found a couple of online swimwear stores where you can buy modest tankini and one piece bathing suits, no, not for babies, but for juniors/women!! Here's the link to the first one I found:

Here's a few of the bathing selections they have!

This one is my favorite from this website!

Another website I found that has some cute selections: Some of them are a little too low cut for me personally, but they do have some good selections! Here are a few of the ones I like: (These are just the tops, but they all come with bottoms, of course!)

This one is my favorite from this website!

I also found this one on pinterest:
This would be my perfect bathing suit. It's cobalt blue (my favorite color!), it's a one piece, it's modest, and it has a big bow!! Does anyone know where I can buy this? I'm in need of a new bathing suit and this one is perf!!

And that concludes my little talk on swimwear! Hope you guys enjoyed! Au revoir mes amis! (Goodbye my friends)


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