Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013... was a good day!

Hello everyone! :)

So, my family and I went on a little adventure today... and by adventure I mean a trip to Wal-Mart! (who doesn't love Wal-Mart??)

My two youngest siblings had gotten some money from Nanny for Easter, so we decided that we'd get them some new spring/summer toys! Wal-Mart had a wall full of summer toys for 1, 2, and 3 dollars, which was perfect!!!

So, picture a couple of toddlers going up and down the toy isle, perfectly content with what they were seeing, knowing that they were getting a few of those toys.

Okay, now picture a 15 year old girl (me) jumping up and down, making a fool out of myself, at the sight of bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles... I was more excited that my 1 and 3 year old siblings!!! Soo... as you may have guessed, we ended up buying some bubble wands and bubble solution. But the best part is, I didn't have to wait for the summer to play with them!!! My mom allowed us to play with them in the living room with a blanket on the floor. It was a dream come true. Ohh and I got some chocolate and Arizona green tea (two of my favorite things in the world, besides bubbles of course...)! Hahahaha... true story.

Here are a few (okay... a few more that a few) pictures of the day! ;)

Selfie in the car! 
At the grocery store.

Random people, haha I'm such a creeper :P


One single bubble :)
Some new toys!!

Caleb playing catch with mommy.

What I got :) 
My new favorite chocolate :) 
I love my green tea! :) 
Today was awesome! Toodles!

<3 Kelsey


  1. *Shrieks* Bubbles!!!! Sounds like a lovely day. :) I would have given anything to see you freaking out in Walmart! Haha:)

  2. Sorry for blog stalking hahaha:) Your siblings are SO CUTE! I'm a new follower hopefully you will follow back:)

    1. Hahaha blog stalking is good stalking! And I'm already a follower of yours! I love your photography! Thanks for following me :)

    2. Oh ahahaha. sorry for not following you back. Thanks:) how old are your siblings?

    3. Oh no worries! My brother Caleb is 3 and my sister Colby is 1. And I have another brother, Kyle, who is 12. How many siblings do you have?

    4. AWWWWW! Cute:) I have six siblings including me there are 7 kids! 25, 23, 21, 15, 13 (me), 8, 5