Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camping :)

Hello people!!!

I will be absent from blogging for the weekend as I am going to be away at a local Catholic family camp. I'm really excited to see some old friends, as well as meet some new ones :)

So, I will leave you with these three random pictures I found on pinterest. I thought they were cool and inspiring :)

Stay classy guys :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013



So, the vlog is underway... I just need to find the time and device to record it :P My laptop is stubborn and won't record... shmurrrrr :(

So, I'll have to record it on my mom's phone and build some sort of tripod for it. But, as they say in theater, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

But as for now, I'm going to pick 20 of the questions randomly and I'm going to answer them in typing form. Yay :)

From Hilda

1) Which blogs do you like to visit?
 Treskie'sChelsea'sHilda's, and Rachelle's are my top 4 :)

2) Do you watch old movies often or only when in the mood for it? I love old movies, but I have to be in the mood for it.

3) Have you ever had a boyfriend? No. I'm only 15, and I love being free of all that drama :)

4) What do you do when it rains? I typically stay inside and either draw or go on pinterest all day...

5) Are you ticklish? Put simply; You tickle me, you die.

6) Do you play online games? Sometimes, when I'm extremely bored.

7) What are you listening to right now? The sound of rain on my window.

8) How tall are you? Last time I checked, I was 5'4".

9) Do you like to snack while watching TV? Yes, but I mostly watch movies because we don't have cable. 

10) Do you like shrimp and fish? I like fish, but not shrimp.

From Mary Theresa

11) Do you like boating? YES!!! It's one of my favorite summer activities!

12) What color is your room? THIS COLOR (a little more subdued but you get what I mean ;))

13) How old are you, down to the day? Well, that would require me to do math, and I refuse to do math in the summer, but I'm basically 15 and a half.

From Hannah

14) How long have you been blogging? My first post was on January 8th 2013, so for almost 7 months.

15) What is your favorite candy? It's a tie between skittles and swedish berries...

16) What's your all time favorite movie? Laugh all you want but Finding Nemo was and always will be my favorite movie. (don't even get me started on how excited I am about Finding Dory...)

From Treskie

17) Tea or coffee? Both... I can't decide :)

18) Scotland or Ireland? Is that seriously even a question? IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It's my dream place to live<3)

19) If you could pick only ONE song to listen to for a month, what would it be? 'I Want Crazy' by Hunter Hayes (cute country song ;))

20) Do you have a favorite finger? My pinkies! They're slightly crooked so they're unique :P


So that's it!! If you have anymore questions for the vlog, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Also, Chelsea is going to be doing a Q&A vlog as well, so click on her name to go to her blog and ask her some questions too :)

That's all for today folks!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Something Different...?

Sooo... it's 10:55 p.m, I'm bored, I'm tired, and I'm running ideas through my head about what I should post about next. This is my current status :P

I'm thinking of doing something completely different. Like, a vlog!!

I was totally inspired by Treskie to start doing random vlogs! And, I think I'll start with a Q&A video :)

So, anything you wanna ask me, anything at all, leave it in the comments! Anything from "what's your favorite song?" to "where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?" to "how would you describe your dream house?" to "what's your most embarrassing moment?"... I'll answer them all! And I'll be sure to mention you in the video, too :)

Thanks in advance guys!!

P.S. You all should go over to Treskie's blog and ask her some questions too! She has an awesome blog, one of my favorites actually!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Haircut... again.

Yeah, I like to change up my hair a lot :P But I thought I'd get my hair cut short for the summertime and since I'm going to be strawberry picking in the sweltering hot sun (not the ideal job to have, but it's get's me the money for the camera I wanna buy, right?). Anyways... here it is!


I really like it! But, the best part about it is NO MORE SPLIT, DRY, DAMAGED, BLEACHED ENDS!!! Can I hear a "WOOOOOOT"?!?!?! Hahaha yeah, I'm pretty excited :P I'm gonna try to use the least amount of heat possible on my new doo so it will grow out long and healthy. My hair actually grows extremely fast! Like, it's only been a week since I got it cut, and it grew about half an inch already :D But hair always grows really fast just after you get it cut then it slows down some...
Oh my gosh... Must. Stop. Rambling.

Adios amigos!!