Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Haircut... again.

Yeah, I like to change up my hair a lot :P But I thought I'd get my hair cut short for the summertime and since I'm going to be strawberry picking in the sweltering hot sun (not the ideal job to have, but it's get's me the money for the camera I wanna buy, right?). Anyways... here it is!


I really like it! But, the best part about it is NO MORE SPLIT, DRY, DAMAGED, BLEACHED ENDS!!! Can I hear a "WOOOOOOT"?!?!?! Hahaha yeah, I'm pretty excited :P I'm gonna try to use the least amount of heat possible on my new doo so it will grow out long and healthy. My hair actually grows extremely fast! Like, it's only been a week since I got it cut, and it grew about half an inch already :D But hair always grows really fast just after you get it cut then it slows down some...
Oh my gosh... Must. Stop. Rambling.

Adios amigos!!

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