Sunday, June 16, 2013


I NEED YOUR HELP!! Okay, so, as some of you already know, a good friend of mine asked me to his prom. And his prom is this Saturday. And, as usual, I waited till the last few days to find something to do with my hair and makeup... So I'm counting on you girls to help me.

I've been raiding pinterest for ideas of things I could do for my hair. Here are some that I like!
Hairstyle 2

Hairstyle 1 (Minus the flower haidband)

Hairstyle 4

Hairstyle 3 (I'd use a fancier hairpin)
Hairstyle 5 (Minus the flowers)
Hairstyle 6

Now for makeup ideas!

Makeup 1 (I love this lip color but I'd tone down the eyes)

Makeup 2

Makeup 3 (I'm a sucker for neutral eyes and a  bold/dark lip!)

So, what do you girls think? Which hairstyle and makeup look do you like? Please let me know because I can't decide! 

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