Monday, June 3, 2013

Favor...? + Thank You!

So, I've noticed that ever since I changed my blog's URL I haven't been getting as many views or comments.  It's not a bad thing and I'm definitely not upset or anything... I'm just thinking maybe some people can't find my blog anymore. ..

I never wanted to ask you guys to do anything for me and I'll never do it again, but I was wondering if maybe you have some friends or family members who might be interested in following my blog. If so, maybe you could let them know about it on Facebook, Twitter, G-mail, on your blog, or in person! (you know, the 'old fashioned' way :P)

Here's the deal... If you let some of your friends know about my blog, tell me in the comments bellow, and I'll tell some of my friends about your blog! That way we can both advertise our blogs at the same time :) Yay!!!

So, deal? Or no deal? It's completely up to you guys! Don't feel as if you're being pressured to do this! I'd never want for anyone to feel that way!


All that being said though, I just wanted to mention how much I appreciate every single view, comment, and follower I get! It means so much to me! (like, sooooooooooo much! <3)  Guys are my blogger buddies, but not just that, you're my friends too. Ya'll are like my blogger pen pals! Haha! I wish I could meet every one of you in person. Ahh that'd be so awesome! :D But seriously though, you guys (I don't know why I keep saying 'guys' as I'm pretty sure all of you are probably girls :P) are amazing! Thank you <3


  1. Consider it a done deal, my friend. I'll post a notice on my blog. :)

    1. Yay!!! Thanks Chels! I'm going to do a post soon of all the blogs I follow and yours will definitely be on there! :D

  2. yeah!!! i dont have a blog... but i'll definitely be rrading yours!!!!!:)