Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Last Sunday Riddle + Prom Accessories!

Hey everyone!! It's Sunday riddle time again... actually it's the last one that I'll ever have. Okay, queue the sad music...

Just kidding guys! (about the sad music that is... :P) Yes, this is going to be the last Sunday riddle post, but I have some new, exciting ideas brewing in my brain, as well as in my blog notebook! Yay!

I also wanna hear about what you want to see on here! After all, you guys are the ones reading this blog, not me! :P If you have any ideas for posts, leave them in the comments bellow! I'd love to hear all of your creative ideas!

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Anywayzzz... The answer to last week's riddle is: A Candle!
No guesses were made on this one.

Soo... on a side note; my mom, my little sister, and I all went shopping for shoes and accessories for the prom yesterday. So, I thought I'd show y'all what I got! I went with a blue and silver/rhinestone theme for my outfit.
Got all of the jewelry you see at Ardene. Link to their website:
These are at Wal-Mart for 20$! Great deal! :D

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Don't forget to submit your ideas :)

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