Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Poem?

Hey peoples!! I'm really bored at the moment... so I thought I'd write a poem. Yup, I write poems when I'm bored... who doesn't write poems when they're bored?? I'm a nerd so I write poems when I'm bored. (I actually hate reading so I don't even know how calling myself a nerd makes any sense at all but oh well... let's just roll with it :P) Yeah... I'm going to write my poem now... here I go!

It's 11:34 and I'm lying in bed,
wide awake when I should be sleeping instead.
Tossing and turning I whisper to myself;
'there's no hope!' as I glance at the shelf.

11:36 now and tired I may be,
but as for my mind, it will not sleep.
I think of everything that happened today,
and I think of the future, and what's coming my way.

My eyes are heavy at 11:38,
and I tell myself 'it's getting really late'.
As I lie down my weary head,
I flip and flop in my small bed.

11:40 had come and past,
for I was asleep at last.
It was the last I had seen of the time,
Until I awoke at quarter to nine.

I feel like this is what almost every teen goes through at night, haha! :P
Just a quick poem I came up with on the spot. And in case you're wondering, it is 9:15 p.m at this present moment. Anyways, there's my complete and utter randomness of the day.

Oh! I almost forgot! It was Chelsea's birthday yesterday, but she had her little party today! :D It was a lot of fun! Anyway, here's a picture of her today! We were at a dairy-bar and they had HUGE chairs there!

Hope you all had a great day!
God Bless :)
<3 Kelsey

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