Thursday, September 12, 2013


Haha just a quick post, I'm at school right now :P

I really like it! I've made some new friends, met all sorts of different people, and am looking forward to joining some of the extra curricular activities!

Yeahhh... That's all I have to say right now :P I've gotta go in like, two minutes :)

Peace out!!!


  1. How is school and your new friends? Stopping by for a visit. :)

    1. Hi Hilda!!!
      School is going great! Honestly, it's going a lot better than I'd expected :) My new friends are amazing! They understand me, respect me, and with them there's no drama :) Overall, my experience in public high school so far is a very positive one!

      I miss blogging so much! I miss my blogger buddies and homeschooling pals :'( So I've decided to start blogging again :) Not sure for how long, but I'm gonna try it and see how things go.

      How are you doing Hilda? Are you excited for Christmas?
      Happy Advent :)