Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pins of the week

Hello peoples!
I haven't done a 'pins of the week' post in a while, so I decided to do one while I was thinking of it, haha!
Pinterest is amazing!! 

I have fallen in love with this royal/cobalt blue color for spring and summer! The lace on this tank top adds a very feminine touch, which I love! This can be easily paired with a cream cardigan, skinny jeans, and brown leather boots.
I like colored skinny jeans in general, but these lilac one I found are adorable, and perfect for Easter time! Paired with an ivory lace top and wedges, this would be a perfect outfit for a brunch or a picnic.
Maxi dresses are great for the spring time, especially since it's still a little chilly for those shorter summer dresses. Paired with flats and a blazer, this outfit would be great for a fancier event.
I have a thing for white and navy. Put them together in a floral pattern on a dress and you've got me sold! Can easily be paired with sandals, a belt, and a jean jacket for a warmer day during the spring.
Peter pan collars, black and white, and hearts are all huge trends for this spring. Put them all together and you get this! Adorable, right? Pair with skinny jeans and a colored cardigan.

Loafers. I cannot express how I feel about them. Some of them are really ugly, while others, like these, are just down right adorable! I have yet to find the perfect pair for me.
These are just really cute. That's the only reason why I like them, I guess :P

Owls, another crazy obsession of mine! :P Owl necklaces are really popular, but I especially like this one for some reason. Isn't he cute? I think I'll call him 'Owlexander'! lol :P
Again with the cobalt blue color, I am in love with it for spring and summer! And it's a messenger style bag, which makes me like it even more.
And to go with the messenger bag above, is a cute little zipper wallet. I love the color, and the birdie!

DIY (Do It Yourself):
Lace necklaces are really in for this spring as well, and really easy to make. Have an old piece of lace, or a doily laying around? Cut out two pieces of the lace or doily, hand sew them together in the middle(or hot glue them, if you can't sew), but a metal loop on the outer end of each piece of lace or doily, and attach a chain! Voila, you're done!

These are really cute, and are another very easy project! All you need are a few twigs, hot glue, and a glass candle holder. Break the twigs so they are all the same length. Put three dabs of hot glue on the twig(the two ends and the center), glue the twig to the candle holder, repeat until completely covered, and you're done! Simple as pie!
Studded jeans are timeless, and it's cheaper to make your own than buying them already studded. Here's a step by step collage to show you how it's done!
 These are so easy to make, and are cute for the summer time. You can either collect shells at the beach, or buy some at your local craft store. Grab a bobby pin, add a dab of hot glue, and press your shell onto the bobby pin until it's dry. So easy!

Hope you enjoyed this long overdue, long list of my favorite pins from Pinterest.
Later Lovelies!
-Kelsey <3
 Ohh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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